Redwood City Pages - Exhibition Description

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The Parks and Arts Foundation in partnership with Redwood City and the Sesquicentennial Committee has commissioned Fung Collaboratives to realize an exciting new public art project to commemorate the Redwood City’s historic Sesquicentennial (2017). California based artist, Brian Taylor has been invited to create a wall sized interactive sculpture for the Redwood City Downtown Public Library.  This large wall sculpture will take on the form of pages in a book and will include creative interpretations and artistic reflections of Redwood City’s rich history as well as its vibrant modern life and community. The artist has aptly titled the permanent installation Redwood City Pages.

In order to learn and be inspired from the Redwood City community, Taylor and Fung Collaboratives have developed an ambitious series of free community workshops for everyone to participate.  Throughout the entire summer and fall, 23 free public workshops are being offered for children and adults alike in the topics of photography, papermaking, and handmade book making classes.  In addition, participants and onlookers at a few workshops will be asked to participate in sharing their memorable stories to be embedded into the final sculpture through conceptual and literal approaches.  Each workshop participant will not only learn about the Sesquicentennial and the Public Artwork commission but will also be able to make their own artwork to take home.  Others may offer some of the work they made to the artist so that the materials may be added or lead to inspiration of the final artistic outcome.

Local artists from Redwood City and the Peninsula were selected to teach the workshops.  Erin Ashford (photography), Jamila Rufaro (Papermaking), Karen Chew, Cathy Cakebread, Susie Peyton (Book Making).  In order to reach the widest array of Redwood City participants, The Parks and Recreation Department and Public Library System have partnered in offering diverse locations throughout the city so that we reach all of the varying neighborhoods for participation.