1440 Multiversity - Exhibition Description


Over the past two years Fung Collaboratives has had the pleasure of advising and working with 1440 Multiversity to launch their Arts Initiative.  When Joanie and Scott Kriens, founders of 1440 Foundation reached out to us, we were thrilled to learn of the potential of bringing great art and artists to their new immersion center.  The 75-acre campus in Scott’s Valley, CA will be the perfect environment for learning and healing.  Visual Art is an additional way to enhance everyone’s experience.

Our first task was to curate four new site-specific commissions that echo the relevancy of 1440 Multiversity.  I was in search of artists who embrace some of the main tenants that the new facility is founded on such as meditation, yoga, and a lifestyle of giving rather than taking.  In addition to searching for artists who share these philosophical beliefs, I was also looking for artists who possess a Contemporary style so their artworks would stand out as artwork and not decoration.

The majestic redwood forest and landscape design, architecture and interior design are so captivating that the art commissions really needed to add another layer – both visual and spiritual.   Joanie targeted four locations where she saw art as a major component to add to the visitor’s experience.  From there, I approached the four artists to develop proposals.  We are thrilled to present new works by Robert Barry, Jessica Higgins, Erika Knerr and John Roloff.

All of the new Public Artworks are indoor projects with the exception of Robert Barry’s illuminated words that are visible as visitors explore the campus.  The words are nestled in the natural landscape.  The strident color creates a mental shift from the natural splendor of surrounding landscaping.  But at night as the words begin to glow and provide a subtle and colorful glow to the forest.  These words hope to inspire a different sense of self.

Jessica Higgin’s Passage also uses words to caress the walls of the main corridor in the Outlook building.  With her created poems gently installed in what appears as strands, the words slowly spin so the words come in view and out of view.  We see this artwork as not only a physical passage but also through a state or mind.  All visitors going to and from workshops will interact with this artwork.  In hopes of creating a transition from the active life to inner experiences in the workshops, Passage should help slow down the visitor and through the experience of the artwork change everyone’s pace.

Just around the corner will be Erika Knerr’s Chakra installation.  In fact, this colorful artwork will greet all visitors as they ascend and arrive to the main programming level of the Outlook building.  The purity of the colored liquid will sparkle in the light while the absorption tools will gain in color with each and every day.  This work represents the give and take of every individual and more importantly, like a calendar will mark time and how 1440 Multiversity is giving back to the community via their free community programs and the lessons their professionals are sharing.

John Roloff’s work will be in the main corridor in one of the residential building.  His work is set within an interior space and without any natural light.  Inspired by this site, he is creating 2 installations in the architectural niches that exist.  Through the clever use of mirrors, the column will appear to be going deep into the earth as well as up through the ceiling.  The images create a stratified look resembling a geologic dig site representing the history and future of what 1440 is engaged in.  John will take the actual photographs on site and in the region.  He will then collage them together to create the desire stratified effect.

We look forward to allowing all visitors to see the four new artworks as well as 1440 Multiversity.