Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark, Venice - Exhibition Description


Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark, installation view.

Venice – 2002
La Biennale di Venezia, Mostra Internazionale di Architettura

An exhibition of the work by Gordon Matta-Clark, one of the art world’s most important innovators and visionaries opens on September 5th, 2002 at the Emily Harvey Associazione Culturale. This exhibition inaugurates the EHAC expanded space and was guest curated by independent curator Lance Fung.

Fung first came across the work of Matta-Clark while in graduate school and then fortuitously represented the Estate while directing the Holly Solomon Gallery for six years. Subsequently, Fung represented the Estate upon opening his own NYC gallery. With the depth of understanding of the work left behind by art / architect guru Matta-Clark, Fung has culled the most important examples of each of the building projects from private collections from around the world.

This didactic exhibition presents photographic works from the FoodSplittingConical IntersectOffice Baroque, and Circus projects. Drawings from Matta-Clark will be installed as well allowing the viewer to see into the artist’s unique perspective. This exhibition will bring into focus the formal elements of Matta-Clark’s work which are often overlooked: his attention to surface, his fascination with space -above, below, inside, and outside – and the intrinsic visual qualities of his architectural subject matter. In addition, the show will not overlook Matta-Clark’s sense of humor – indicated by his titles and comments in his catalogues – which never trivialized his work but were a part of his constant questioning of the meaning of “serious art and architecture”.

The EHFC will also have on view copies of each of the artists catalogues which are all rare and out of print. Academic and enthusiasts are allowed to view and read these special books.