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ARTLANTIC park rendering by Balmori Associates.

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ARTLANTIC is a series of temporary art exhibitions that utilizes vacant spaces. These spaces were selected based on their locations and inspirational qualities for the artists to explore and are right in the heart of Atlantic City. Throughout this multi-phase exhibition, curator Lance Fung will bring together international artists and architects to foster art in unique environments. These participants, along with artists from the local community, will transform empty lots into vibrant public meeting places through art and design. Complimenting these distinct exhibitions, ARTLANTIC offers additional programs to engage with and benefit the local community by encouraging interaction and collaboration with the participating artists. ARTLANTIC encourages residents, visitors, and art lovers alike to experience contemporary art outside of the gallery and to come out and play.


Lance Fung initial concept, 2012

Vacant city block site of future Artlantic Park







Lance Fung initial concept, and site of future the Artlantic park.